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McGrath Art Therapy
Positive Change Begins at Home

What Is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy utilizes the creativity of drawing or painting to uncover the root causes of mental, emotional or physical difficulties that hamper an individual. The process of self expression allows feelings to emerge without the need for verbal communication. Art Therapy is based on the belief that the creative process of making art helps an individual to resolve conflicts and problems, develop interpersonal skills, manage behavior, reduce stress, increase self esteem and promote change through insight.

Art Therapy involves the spontaneous creation of art images for therapeutic purposes. Sometimes art themes are suggested by the therapist and sometimes the individual is encouraged to draw whatever comes to mind. It combines the active process of making art with therapeutic guidance in order to resolve conflicts and work through traumas.

Art Therapy is effective with children, beginning at age 4, and adults with a wide range of difficulties or disabilities. These may include emotional, behavioral or mental problems, learning disabilities, physical disabilities and neurological conditions.

No special artistic abilities are needed for art therapy to be successful.