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McGrath Art Therapy
Positive Change Begins at Home

In-Home Therapy: A Safe Environment

Often, home is the safest place in a child’s life, and that makes it an excellent environment for art therapy. The home is where a child begins to learn, grow and change, so it’s a natural setting for the creation of new, positive behaviors. The home is the individual’s domain and the place where he is most likely to show his true self. It offers a child the most risk free environment to practice new behaviors before testing them on the world outside. At McGrath Art Therapy, James works with families in the home setting in order to build on the comfort and ease that the setting provides.

Parent Involvement is Essential!

Parents are included in each session so that communication is clear and open, and problems are addressed immediately. This team approach helps the child to learn that changes can be positive and nurturing, and this, in turn, helps him to develop and succeed. The child learns that he can manage his feelings instead of being overpowered by them. He learns that he can be a success at home and then will take that success into the world.

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