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McGrath Art Therapy
Positive Change Begins at Home

Don’t Wait! See Healthy Growth and Change In Your Child Sooner!

Children who completed services:

  • Developed clearer communication with their parents.
  • Developed a better understanding of their feelings and managed their behaviors appropriately.
  • Had fewer legal problems and required less involvement with the legal system
  • Were placed in less behaviorally oriented school settings

Parent Evaluations:

“Mr. McGrath has made a significant difference in lessening family conflict…we are very impressed and pleased and think that further work by Mr. McGrath will help our son reach the emotional maturity appropriate for his age. We have learned how to work better with our son.”

“James has a great ability to gain the trust and friendship of a child… On several occasions James has gone far beyond the ‘call of duty’ to help our child and our family…all the while, he is excellent at including the parents in everything to help with bonding of the child into the new family.”

“Mr. McGrath has been very helpful in building a bridge between our child and our entire family. He has shared his knowledge and materials. Mr. McGrath has demonstrated professionalism and honesty at all times.”

“Mr. McGrath worked very effectively with our daughter. On occasions when she would shut down he used alternative ways to work with her. He was very patient with her and worked hard to help her understand her various behaviors and to modify her outbursts and develop better relationships with our family.”

“James was able to challenge our son many times on his behavior. This would push our son to a breaking point, but it would also help him grow. He has done a remarkable job helping our son express himself. I would recommend his services for others.”

“R’s sessions with James were very beneficial, especially when R’s mother participated. The art therapy sessions gave R. and his mother a safe and comfortable environment for them to open up and talk to each other about their feelings.”