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McGrath Art Therapy
Positive Change Begins at Home

Stress Management

Art Therapy is a creative approach to the managment and reduction of stress and related issues. This can be offered on an individual basis or through a group setting.

James facilitates a one-day seminar through through the Henrico Department of Human Services. The popular class has helped to improve the quality of life in both the work and home environment for hundreds of county professionals.

Workshop Evaluations:

What was the best feature of this training?

  • “James’ vast knowledge and his presentation style.”
  • “Learning to let go of hostilities and keep stress at a minimum by changing habits.”
  • “Being able to learn how to handle my stress. Having an instructor who really listens and knows what he is doing.”
  • “The instructor was outstanding — clear with his students in the class. His materials were very detailed — good information given to the class. Please use this instructor again in the future — he is marvelous. The body map and paths of the month were really interesing.”

What had the greatest impact for you?

  • “Seeing how my art related to my thoughts even though I did not think about what I was painting or drawing.”
  • “Realizing that all stress is not bad, we put ourselves in stressful situations that we may enjoy.”

What improvements would you suggest

  • “Add more classes during the year so that more people have an opportunity to experience it.”
  • “Has to be all day!”
  • “Perhaps extending the class to 2 days.”
  • “It was amazing. It should be 2 days!”

How will you use the information you learned?

  • “I will definitely pay more attention to where I ‘hold’ stress in my body, thinking of trying some painting as a stress reliever on my own.”
  • “Try to think rationally before I become irritable and get my self stressed.”
  • “I will show it to my friends and family and use some of the same techniques.”
  • “I will try to remember to ask myself will this matter to me in a year? If not, why stress about it now.”
  • “I am constantly working to improve myself and I have issues with anxiety and it always helps to hear what can help and what others try or go through. I loved this class!”
  • During stressful times at work, I will try to put what I learned to good use and then I should be able to deal with stress better.”