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McGrath Art Therapy
Positive Change Begins at Home

Specializing In Individual Counseling

James offers individual counseling for adults or children. James works with a wide variety of age groups (kindergartener, pre-teen and teens) as well as a diversified range of diagnostic problems. He also is very flexible in how he works with both the child and family.

Specializing in Counseling to Children in Crisis

James often works with children who have had multiple therapists and interventions before working with him. These children in crisis often come from more then one of these scenarios:

  • They are behind in school or repeating a grade.
  • The child has no friends or the wrong kind of friends.
  • At home there may be constant arguments or just avoidance.
  • The child frequently blames him/herself and usually feels that they are a failure.
  • The child has suicidal thoughts or wishes they were dead.
  • Parents of these children also may feel helpless or that they are a failure.
  • Occasionally the child is in a family where the parents have lost hope and no one really wants to work together.
  • Some parents are overly cautious in their parenting because their child has been diagnosed with a social or emotional disorder and fear making things worse.

Parents are included in therapy sessions so that communication is clear and open, and problems are addressed immediately. This team approach helps the child to learn that changes can be positive and nurturing, and this, in turn, helps him to develop and succeed. The child learns that he can manage his feelings instead of being overpowered by them. He learns that he can be a success at home and then will take that success into the world.